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Prehistory Three

Originally Completed: 14th of June, 2004

Official Equivalent: (#5) Intro: Vagrant Grey

Comments: Uh...I implore you to ignore the fact that the young woman doesn't exist below the neck in the second-last panel...

This comic portrays the first appearance of Helen Grey, a character who was sort of dropped. I say "sort of" because she lives on, as many of her personality traits were incorporated into the rechristened Vagrant Grey. For example, Vagrant inherited some of Helen's savvy, becoming an idiot savant in the process. Click here if you want to see what Vagrant Grey looked like in this style.

This was also where I got stuck. I just didn't know how to continue the story in the next comic (something that occurs all too commonly with me to this day). I milled about for a bit and decided to start over, initiating the current style September of 2004.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where prehistory ends and history begins. Please exit via the doors at the back of the theatre and deposit all rubbish in the waste disposal units provided. Thank you and goodnight!

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