A list of cameos relating to myself and Atavism, graciously maintained by Hogan of the Webcomic Crossover and Cameo Archive!

Ask a Character

This was a thread on my forum where readers could ask questions of Atavism's characters. It's closed now, but I'm leaving it up as an archive. WARNING: Contains major spoilers.

The Prehistory of Atavism

A savage, lurid spectacle for the morbidly curious, this is Atavism as it was before appearing on the web. Not recommended for children under the age of five or people with heart conditions.

My Deviantart

Has a few drawings of stuff in it; mostly not Atavism-related. I also have a much larger but even more random Photobucket account.

Cope's Super Happy Love Shack!

This is where the gift art I receive for the avatar I use on the Comic Genesis Forums goes. Much super happy love within! Please note that this page is the most image-intensive on the site, so slower connections may take a while to load it completely.

The Great Revolution: Alternate Ending

This piece is somewhat esoteric; it's an alternate conclusion I drew for for a comic jam I was a participant in. About half of it was originally drawn in February 2005, the rest was finished in June. Be forewarned that it's pretty damn in-jokey. Six pages long.

Miscellaneous Doodles

Samantha Hart circa 2004 - You can tell this one's old, because she has her hair style from chapter one..
Hairdo concept sketch - Just an old drawing from Samantha's redesign phase.
Samantha Hart on a pleasant beachside stroll - This is why I don't do fanservice.
Vagrant Grey in swimwear - Okay, now it should be abundantly clear why I don't do fanservice.
A spot of foreshadowing - I was going to save this as some sort of voting incentive, but eh...
A random Grey drawing - Not much to say about this; it was completely spur of the moment.
A random Hart drawing - Likewise, just another spontaneous scribbling
Another random Grey drawing - I think I need a girlfriend
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200th Page Commemoration Comic - OMG CHIBIS
Catboy Leander - Uh, yeah...
Yet another random Grey drawing - What is this anatomy of which you speak?
Hart experimentation - If I were ever to redo Atavism, this is the character design I'd want to use for Samantha.
Deleted scene - A deleted panel from page #203. It had to be redrawn for continuity reasons following Seth's redesign.
Spider'd! - Net made this little animated avatar in commemoration of his cameo. It's real neat.
Vagrant Grey in colour - My first attempt at colouring. An unmitigated disaster, in other words.
She'll be in Part Eleven - A quasi-finalised design for one of the characters seen in the above foreshadowing.
He'll also be in Part Eleven - I drew this so I wouldn't forget what he looks like.
Experiment #1 - Just some messing about with a comic strip format.
Experiment #2 - Remember folks, girls in bikinis should not be substituted for actual punchlines.
A minor character - A pity she's minor; I kinda like how she came out.
Elf Girl Samantha - Even dafter than catboy Leander.
Grey in her undies! :o - Drawn for Keenlace 2007.
Samantha in the morning - Ditto.


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