Welcome to Cope's Super Happy Love Shack!

Timmy's Cope

This is the very first piece of gift art I've ever received for anything, ever. Drawn by Tim Volpe of Alternate Delusions, back before this site even existed. The ooga booga, it makes me feel good.

Bobby's Cope

This came from arguably the most ginormous mass-fanarting of all time, 188 Lines About 99 Spacers. By the inimitable Bob Oosterwijk of Star Bored.

Sammy's Cope

Drawn for me by Sam Charette of Anything Goes as part of the Great Avatar Exchange of January '05. Only I could look so suave in a monobrow!

Jimmy's Cope

Jim North of Role of the Die is responsible for this piece. He made me look like such a badass.

The yaoi fiends' Cope

MariaandMichelle (one word) of Shonen-ai Kudasai did a whole bunch of crayon drawings of various forumites, and I was lucky enough to be included. It's...just...so...adorable...!!

Ivy's Cope

Carl A. Schulz IV of IVstudios felt somewhat slighted one day when I shamed his sorry shamefaced self in a thread of shame, so he drew this. I feel it nicely captures my good side.

McDuffers' Cope

Srdjan Achimovich of McDuffies (among many others) drew a number of these doll-style avatars for various forumites. The piece quite effectively evokes the terror I inspire in people, wouldn't you agree?

Cap'n Cook's Cope

Cookie is going to Pun Hell. In a handbasket. By the by, this is the same woman who turned me into a fur coat.

Noisius Monkius' Cope

According to Noise Monkey of Dim Bulb Comics, he got bored one day and Baby Cope just happened. This account is quite close to the true story, except with fewer burst condoms and more post-it notes.

Robin2's Cope

I think it can be assumed that Robin Meyer of Mixed Myth is something of an Ico fan. I've never played it myself, but can still appreciate it if I get a fine piece like this as a result.

The yaoi fiend's second Cope!

MariaandMichelle claim this little doozy was drawn for no real reason, which is good enough reason for me! So cwute...

MERBman's Cope

This little beauty was whipped up by Ryan Callahan of RagtTag using this image as a template. Of course, I suspect he made just so he could force me to fight to the death.

Beano's Cope

Giant spiders were bringing me down one day, so 834n decided the only thing to do was to kit me up as the Terminator of arachnids. BRING IT, YOU EIGHT-LEGGED FREAKS!


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