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Prehistory Two

Originally Completed: 11th of June, 2004

Official Equivalent: (#4) Fuck!

Comments: Wow, I really laid the line-shading on thick when drawing these. Perhaps that's a habit I should resume...

The poor chap Grey kills is intended to be somewhat more frightened and sympathetic in this version; the current mook is just a pervert. The main reason for the change is that the serious death was proving too hard to draw, so I just replaced it with a crude panty joke. I sometimes wonder if I don't do enought lewd humour.

You might notice that parts of the drawings have been cut of by the scanner; I hadn't learned to not draw too close to the edge of the paper at this point. Also, Samantha wore a white singlet to bed instead of a black one! GASP. It's totally Bizarro World, man.

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