About Atavism

Atavism is a webcomic (on the Web) about bad people doing bad things to each other. It ran for three and a half years, being concluded in June 2008. The story follows a conflict between the Spiritual Renewal Society (a secretive cult with undisclosed objectives) and a tenuous alliance of Skandatech (a technology company) and the Lupus crime syndicate. The basis of said conflict is Skandatech's furtive Sigma project.

The majority of action takes place in the fictional Callous City, an urban wasteland described only as a "crime-infested hellhole".

Characters include a ditzy world-class assassin, a violent vigilante and his imaginary friend, and a guy who wears a sock on his head.

Atavism is rated M for mature audiences! If you're under fifteen, get off the Internet and do your homework!