The Rogues Gallery

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Samantha Emily Hart
Name: Samantha Emily Hart
Occupation: Contract killer
Age: 21
Biography: In a few words, Hart can be described as shiftless, ill-tempered, unsuccessful and prone to an excess of profanity. A cynical and self-loathing soul, she harbours many misanthropic and pessimistic attitudes. Takes medication for an unspecified mental disorder.

Vagrant Grey
Name: Vagrant Grey (presumably an alias; actual name unknown)
Occupation: International assassin
Age: Mid-twenties
Biography: Amoral and cheery, Grey has a knack for antagonising most people she meets. Highly skilled in the art of murder, the nature of her training, and indeed nearly her entire past, is unclear. Grey reacts to (and perpetrates a great deal of) the suffering and injustice the world with a smile and good humour. In other words, she makes the most out of life, and has thus far been enjoying herself immensely.

Arthur Faust
Name: Arthur Faust
Occupation: Professional vigilante
Age: 42
Biography: A taciturn, aloof figure; when he speaks, it is usually to converse with the entity known as "Leander". That the presence of this entity is perceived by Faust alone often leaves others with the impression that he is clinically insane (which may not be far from the truth). Psychological stability aside, Faust is a man on a mission to eliminate as many evil people in the world as he can before he dies, a goal he proves single-minded in pursuing. Some label his quest as short-sighted, but most just call it cliche.

Name: Leander
Occupation: Anomaly
Age: Uncertain, if even applicable. Appears to be in his twenties
Biography: To date, the true nature of this entity has remained strictly elusive. Faust once referred to Leander as his "imaginary friend" in an uncharacteristically facetious moment, and would appear to regard him as little more than an annoyance. Leander provides an occasional voice of moral dissent, and often attempts to "mother" Faust.

Major Players

Regan Oswald
Name: Regan Oswald
Occupation: Skandatech lackey
Age: Early thirties
Biography: As an agent of technology company Skandatech, it is Ms Oswald's job to ensure that her employer's dirty work is done. Of late, difficulties surrounding the Sigma Project have proved to be her primary concern...

Da Shepherd
Name: The Shepherd
Occupation: Cult leader
Age: Possibly in his fifties
Biography: The Shepherd is the leader of the Spiritual Renewal Society, a splinter group of a globally spanning but equally clandestine religion. Those few outside the SRS that know of his existence associate him with the bloody underground war he has fought against Skandatech throughout Callous City. Little else is known of the man; his teachings and goals remain a closely guarded secret.

Temuchin Lupus
Name: Temuchin Lupus
Occupation: Crime lord
Age: Late forties
Biography: A man with a ruthless reputation, Lupus has had a vested interest in Skandatech's business for years, even going so far as to bankroll the latter development stages of the highly confidential Sigma Project almost single-handedly. He considers himself the most powerful force in all of Callous City, even exceeding the influence of Skandatech itself. In this case, he may have bitten off more than he can chew...

Pablo Severi
Name: Pablo Severi
Occupation: Some guy
Age: Late twenties-early thirties
Biography: There is nothing interesting about this person. Move on to the next profile, please.

Name: Zed
Occupation: Currently Temuchin Lupus' flunky
Age: Mid-thirties
Biography: Zed is a simple man; his only desire in life is to become filthy rich by any means possible. His existence has been plagued with almost fatalistic misfortune, and his goal of unseemly wealth has remained largely unfulfilled. He has, although, accumulated an impressive list of connections (and debts). On occasion, he'll find himself roped into assisting Arthur Faust in one of his his crusades.

Small Fry

Jo Dietrich
Name: Joanne Newton Dietrich
Occupation: Fugitive from Skandatech
Biography: Dietrich was one of the scientists working on the Sigma Project before she defected to the SRS. Her job at Skandatech apparently paid so well that she was able to afford the services of her three bodyguards, all of whom followed her to go work for the Shepherd.

Name: Uziel
Occupation: Bodyguard
Biography: The head of Dietrich's bodyguard detail. A loyal man who harbours a great deal of contempt for mercenary behaviour.

Foxy Woxy
Name: Fox
Occupation: Bodyguard
Biography: The second member of Dietrich's bodyguard detail. Socks' "bestest friend in the whole wide world". Is rarely seen without his mask.

Soxy Loxy
Name: Socks
Occupation: Bodyguard
Biography: The third member of Dietrich's bodyguard detail. A craven individual.

Cleo Bucket
Name: Cleo Bucket
Occupation: Crime lord
Biography: Having been the head of the old and powerful Bucket Syndicate for several decades, Cleo Bucket is not an individual to be trifled with. A recently-developed desire to expand her operations into Callous City has brought her into inevitable conflict with the Lupus Syndicate.

Marcus Bucket
Name: Marcus Bucket
Occupation: Retired henchman
Biography: A virile and violent man during the bloody days of his youth, Marcus' body and mind have since succumbed to the merciless ravages of time. Generally spends his days struggling with his motor functions and trying to remember where he left his glasses.

Name: Mr Jefferson
Occupation: Bodyguard
Biography: The elite member of the Bucket's bodyguard entourage. His preferences are for reticence and killing people with his bare hands. The rest of the entourage consists of Mr Ice, Ms Eagle, Mr Shady and Mr Crossfire.

Name: Seth
Occupation: Cultist
Biography: A hardline member of the Spiritual Renewal Society. Is often at odds with the Shepherd.


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